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Year Archives: 2022


How to Reuse and Recycle Board Games?

Board games have an advantage over other types of games because they add a physical element to the experience. This contrasts with digital entertainment where the screens are always changing. It's difficult to reuse or recycle board games, especially when...


How to remove tree roots from drains

Tree roots growing into your drains is a recipe for a (possibly very expensive) disaster. Under our homes, networks of pipes silently work every minute of every day, moving water here and there so we can enjoy using our dishwashers,...


When to Renovate or Rebuild a Home

When to Renovate or Rebuild a Home You have concluded that it is time to give your home a makeover, either because you have outgrown it, you have a family that is expanding, or you just need more open space....


All About Kent Drainage Company: Want One?

Uh-oh, does your house or workplace experience pinhole leaks and blockage quite often? Beware! Do not ignore them, and you undoubtedly require a drainage lining to prevent such problems from recurring. Fixing drains may be time-consuming and costly, spending you...


Blocked Drain- Things You Should Know

For many households, the idea of having woking blocked drains can be pretty exhausting; digging up the land around your property is something nobody wants. The contemporary drain lining technology is an excellent way to solve this critical problem without...

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