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Essential Tips To Unclog Drains

Slow or blocked drains always create a terrific nuisance amid the busy schedule of daily life. Therefore, you should be familiar with some easy ways to resolve the hassles of drain cleaning. Calling plumbers is a standard option, but it can delay your other work schedule. Using harsh chemicals is also a bad option because it affects the pipe’s self-life.

The following points represent the essential tips on how to unclog different types of drain:

How To Unclog Kitchen Sink Drain?

You can resolve the blocked drain problems in the kitchen with hot water. Hot water can turn the clog-causing solids into particles, which easily flow away through pipes. So, if you pour hot water on your sink, it will indeed eliminate the blockages. In the case of grease clog, you should mix vinegar and hot water properly to melt the grease. And when it melts, the jams start to move quickly inside the pipeline. If you repeat these cleaning methods, you can promptly unclog the kitchen sink drains.

How To Unclog Bathtub Drain Or Bathroom Sink Drain?

Generally, the bathtub drain or bathroom sink drain becomes clogged with fallen hair and pouches of cleaning products. To remove this type of blockage, you should try it manually. Regular cleaning of pop-up stoppers is one of the best remedies to prevent clogging in the bathroom sink drain. Also, picking up the corks from the gutter and scrubbing with a toothbrush helps rinse the gunk properly.

Pouring boiled water frequently through the drain is another effective way to eliminate the blockages.

If both of these methods do not work correctly, contact a plumber who is an expert to unblock drains bracknell.

What Are The Effective Ways To Resolve Clogged Drain Problems?

·       Using Plunger

First, wear rough clothes to be ready for deep cleaning. Then make your sink filled with water. Then force down the plunger using the level of pressure of water. After placing the plunger into the sinkhole, you need to press down it correctly. You have to repeat the whole process while the water starts to flow away slowly. And finally, you will be able to clear the blockage.

·       Using Drain Snake

You have to push the drain snake at the drain entry, and then you have to turn around the coil-shaped snake. As much as you move the snake during rotation against the blockage, it will make the pipe free from blockage.

·       Using Coke & Pepsi

Coke or Pepsi contains acidic content, and it works very well to unclog the buildups in the pipeline. Like commercial clog cleaners, it also works effectively.


The discussed methods work effectively to unblock drains. But if you have a pitch fibre drains, you have to think about high pressure-driven water jetting or mechanical rodding. Both options make the internal layers of pipe entirely clean. According to the experts, this type of drainage system is quite vulnerable, so before taking every step, you should check the proper condition of the channel pipes.