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Few Reasons to Choose Timber Frames for Your Home Extension

If you are planning to add an extension to your present home, then you will prefer to make sure that you are only using the best material available. Therefore, you must consider using timber frame extension in your construction.

The main benefits of going for a timber frame for your extension are clear which are:

  • Speed
  • Cost
  • Reliability.

You can go for such an extension for every type of home in the UK. The offsite-prefabricated panel will be perfectly suitable for a simple, extension for a single-storey.

A few good reasons to select such construction with timber frame are as follows:

1.    Your new home extension project will be completed much sooner

Timber construction will be a much quicker way of building or extending your house as compared to block or brick-laying. That is because the panels, timber or roof trusses are all manufactured and assembled off-site.

2.    Can get high precision and quality

Since the entire structure will be calculated, engineered, and also cut, and assembled in a factory environment by an experienced team with enough experience who can ensure better quality control and offer more guarantees than traditional builders.

3.    Can save on your budget

The initial design and construction cost of your timber frame home can be a little more expensive than traditional homes, however, the savings on a few other elements of the build may offer a huge impact.

4.    Can get a guaranteed price

As compared to the traditional construction method, if you select the same supplier for design and installation then the price quoted will be certain.

You can budget your house without keeping a big allowance.

5.    Bad weather cannot stop your build

In a traditional building, harsh weather can often halt your progress, during heavy downpours, it becomes difficult to mix mortar correctly with the right consistency. Also, during harsh winter your work can stop.  Timber frame construction can continue under any conditions.

6.    Less messy

As the vast majority of your work will take place in a factory, hence your site will not get as messy when work will go on. Timber frames, trusses and panels, are delivered at the location and assembled within a few days, so your site remains fairly clean.

7.    Environmentally better choice

If you prefer to source all your timber materials from certain FSC or PEFC-certified sources then they will grow more trees that can lock the CO₂ emission. Hence it will be a better choice environmentally.

8.    Better insulation

The thermal performance of timber will make a big difference to your comfort level. With timber panels, it is possible to specify your insulation requirement during the pre-assembly stage.

9.    Higher building energy rating

A greater amount of thermal performance will result in increased energy efficiency, which will reduce operating costs for fuel and also reduce carbon emissions.

10.Flexibility in design

Despite timber being relatively lightweight, it can always be engineered structurally as strong as steel.

You can get several builders in the UK who can take up for you such timber frame extensions project.

Crosby Branson
the authorCrosby Branson