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How to remove tree roots from drains

Tree roots growing into your drains is a recipe for a (possibly very expensive) disaster. Under our homes, networks of pipes silently work every minute of every day, moving water here and there so we can enjoy using our dishwashers, showers and so on. It is no secret that we take our working pipe system for granted, and it is the end of the world when it stops working. When these pipe systems begin to fail, they can disrupt our everyday life a lot. Most people are unaware of the health of their pipe systems, in particular, if they may be being affected by tree roots.

How can tree roots damage pipes?

Did you know tree roots can actually puncture your home’s pipe system? If you have trees surrounding your home or growing in your garden, a plethora of roots will be scattered under the earth. With warm water continuously running through pipes, our pipes expand with heat and moisture escapes from any cracks or crevices. Tree roots will then naturally gravitate towards any source of heat and moisture, thus roots can start to grow around your pipes, putting pressure on them. It can only take two years for tree roots to damage your pipes, which is very quick considering how slow trees are to grow.

How do you know you have tree roots in your drains?

When roots puncture your pipe system, they spread and grow into pipes, obstructing water and debris flow. Before we jump to the removal process, how do we actually know tree roots are an issue in your home? There are a few signs you can look out for which may indicate a pipe problem.

  • Slow drainage in sinks and showers – If water is collecting in your sink or shower and is slow to drain, this suggests pressure is being lost somewhere in the pipe system.
  • Gurgling or bubbling noises – If you hear any banging, gurgling or strange sounds when you flush the toilet or run water down the sink, this means water is struggling to move through the pipes.
  • Frequent toilet backups – Roots within your pipes obstruct water flow, allowing debris and matter to collect, and causing blockages. This not only can cause a serious blockage but also brings with it an awful smell.
  • Green patches in your garden – if you notice very green plants or trees in your garden, this suggests they have an unlimited supply of nutrients which could possibly be a result of their roots having made their way into your drains.

How to remove tree roots from drains?

If you spot one or more warning signs that your drains have been compromised, you need to take action fast. Tree roots in your drains will not only keep growing and further block pipes, but the pressure tree roots put on pipes can also actually cause them to collapse, creating an even bigger problem. The only way to remove tree roots from your drains is by enlisting a professional. A CCTV drain survey helps to find the ‘root’ of the problem, and calling in a professional to check your drainage system is your best option before the problem gets bigger and more problematic. Professional drainage engineers from Aspect provide affordable solutions and use a variety of techniques to return your drains back to working order. After your drains have been mapped and the problem areas have been identified, work can be carried out on those targeted areas, causing as little disruption as possible to the rest of your home. A drain survey will also be able to find out if your pipes are lined with scale and waste so that any blockages can also be cleared.