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How To Set Up A Rat Glue Trap For Pest Control At Home

The rat glue trap is one of the efficient methods to get rid of rodents at home. Unlike other trapping equipment, rat glue traps are considerable for pest control wholesale. The only thing you need to know is how to place them appropriately.

In this blog post, we will discuss the different types of rat glue traps and the usage of pest control equipment at home.

Types Of Rat Glue Trap

The pest control wholesale departments sell rat glue traps for rodent control at home. These traps are not expensive, effortless to use, and are available in multiple styles. You don’t require anything for baiting. So, no matter your experience level, you can use it with ease. These traps come in disposable glue traps and refillable glue trays. You can opt for any one of them according to your tastes and preferences. The advantages of different types of rat glue traps are as follows:

·       Disposable Glue Traps

The disposable glue traps are available in around ten different settings. Hence, you can put them anywhere in your home. These rat traps are laid flat on the floor, folded halfway, so no dirt or debris gets stuck in it, or placed at any corners of the room. The disposable rat glue trap is highly versatile as you can rip up the pricked areas and use it in two different places.

·       Refillable Glue Trays

These rat glue traps have a robust design that can be used every time to promote pest control wholesale at home. You can comfortably pop or slide up each trapping equipment so you can place them seamlessly and effortlessly. Since these trays have a vast surface area, you can trap various mice and insects at once. This way, you can keep control of pests at your home.

·       Tips To Use Rat Glue Traps

To catch rats, you should always place these traps on the entryway of the rodents. The rats never travel from the places they are not interacting. Hence, it would help to put the trap on the floor, where there is a high chance of rat activity. Do not forget to set the tray on the baseboards and along walls, mostly found.

There are a few alternatives to the placement style of the rat glue trap, depending upon the type. For instance, the disposable glue traps or the traditional ones can be placed at 90 degrees at the corners of the wall. It covers two areas, namely the floor area and the wall area.

On the other hand, you can create a tunnel of the glue trap. It is one of the favourable options as it helps to avoid dust or dirt trap or prevention from children and pets. These adhesive traps enclose a large portion of the home, thereby eliminating all the possibilities of the entrance of rats. Therefore, you can opt for any traps according to your requirements.