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Transitional Interior: 3 Ways to Bring in the Modern Feel

The transitional interior could be described as a perfectly balanced blend of classical and contemporary stylistics. You can easily combine classical gems with modern functions by choosing a transitional line. Some interior designers say it’s a perfect solution for those, who want a decades-lasting elegance, but still – to get the most out of the latest inventions. Let’s look at 5 of those details that could easily bring in the modern feel and valuable functions.

1. Outdoor Mounted Window Treatments

Interior specialists notice that many find it hard to decide on transitional interior window treatments. Thus, market professionals offer not to limit yourself to the indoor mounted options. For instance, check out the minimalistic design, automated external window shades. These are mounted outside, so you save up the space inside. Decluttering a home is not the only perk you get. A few more:

  • ZIIIP system blocks the summer glare and keeps the space cool (and you save up on the conditioning costs).
  • An automated or remotely controlled mechanism makes managing the sunlight and house temperature easy.
  • UV protective materials protect furnishing, clothes, and wooden floor from fading.
  • Outdoor mounted, waterproof window treatment makes looking after your place easier. It also reduces the amount of dust getting inside.

Made-to-measure, outside mounted shades could fit any type of windows in any room. You can also choose from a wide range of colours, so it’s easy to find a harmonious detail or an accent. Sounds like this one is worth an investment.

2. Transformable and Multifunctional Furniture

The timeless design gives you the freedom to experiment with classical, old pieces and new inventions. Obviously, the latter ones make any house more functional and comfortable to live in. Combine spacious, luxurious sofa and modern transformable table. Or, instead of classical shelving, choose the one on the wheels. This way, you can use shelves as a smart way to store things, decorate the space and transform it into two different zones when needed.

3. Original Storage Solutions

Finally, look for smart storage solutions that would declutter the room. Think vertically – it could be a combination of open shelving and cabinets. Look over the modern design, pastel colours storage boxes. Feel like your space is lacking accents and some original pieces? Use your hobbies and imagination – hang the surfboard, bicycle, or tennis rackets simply on the wall. You’ll save up space and bring in some character.

Probably the best part of creating a transitional interior is a chance to experiment and play with the details. Save the gems of classics and freshen them up with a modern touch. Of course, it’s wise to use the chance to integrate some of the latest functions.