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What Are The Benefits Of Getting A CCTV Drain Survey Done?

The drain survey technology involves the live recording of the condition of drains using a camera sent in the gutters. The process consists in using CCTV, remote-controlled crawlers, video recording, which help in the survey method. The CCTV survey is one of the most authentic and reliable ways to monitor the state of pipes and drains.

What Is A Camera Drain Survey?

The process of drain survey involves the engineer examining the state of pipes checking for blockages with the aid of devices such as cameras, crawlers, etc. The operator then sends the rod attached with a camera inside the pipe, and the recording is taken.

What Are The Benefits Of A Drain Survey?

The CCTV drain survey is the most commonly used technology to monitor the conditions of drains. It helps check the state of pipes and the issue regarding the drain blockage. The drain survey services offer the survey with the use of different devices that helps in monitoring the condition of drains. It enables you to determine any problems concerned with the pipes. The survey company also allows you to recognize any animal intrusion or root infestation. The survey will help you identify the following drain problems.

  • Failed Sewer Drains
  • Root Infestation
  • Blocked Drains
  • Collapsed Pipes
  • Corrosive And Damaged Drains

Tools Used In Drain Survey

These tools and equipment will efficiently help the engineer conduct the London CCTV Drain survey.

1. HD & Waterproof Cameras

The cameras used should be of high definition to record all the little details of the drain. The cameras should be HD, but they must be waterproof to work in the gutters. The engineers should be able to use the cameras in extreme conditions.

2. Remote Crawlers

The CCTV drain survey operators use remote-controlled crawlers, which will help them access the drains. The snails are connected to the cameras as a support, and then the cameras are mounted on the top of the crawlers, which help them move inside the drains.

3. Sonar Units

Sonar units are used in those conditions when the camera can’t reach inside drains because of damages in it. In situations like filled pipes, or unstable pipes, corroded pipes sonar units can be helpful.

The Procedure Of Drain Survey

The most crucial step is to find a good drain survey company that will cater to all your needs. Later the company will assign the operative staff to check the condition of the pipes and drains. The engineers will arrive with all such necessary tools used for drainage cleaning. The engineer will then send the camera using crawlers inside the drains to look at damaged pipes.

The camera will help deliver a good idea of the drains by sending live video and images. The London CCTV drain survey company has the best engineers and operators working for them with all the knowledge about high-tech tools. After checking the condition of the pipes, the engineer will take the necessary actions to clear out drains.